At New York time 8:00 pm on July 18, 2018, the Preparation Committee of Shanghai National Party (SNP) declared the formal establishment of Shanghai National Party at its official twitter account @ShanghaiNationP

2017年12月11日,上海民族黨(簡稱滬民黨)發起人何岸泉在紐約曼哈頓大街上舉牌“上海民族獨立萬歲”,並在推特發布他的舉牌照片,同時聲稱將於2018年元旦宣布籌組上海民族黨。2018年元旦,何岸泉如約在他的 Youtube 頻道上發表《滬獨啟航》演說。此時,已有趙長明、張會來和李剛等11位人士加入滬民黨,成為首批創黨黨員。何岸泉誓言募集到50位創黨黨員後,滬民黨將正式成立。


7月10日至7月18日,先後共9人被批准入黨,黨員人數達到51位,符合宣布正式成立條件。無獨有偶,紐約州也於7月18日批准了上海民族黨(SHANGHAI NATIONAL PARTY)的註冊申請。籌委會當即決定,在推特宣布上海民族黨正式成立。

On December 11, 2017, the founder of SNP, Mr. He Anquan held a sign stating “Long Live the independence of Shanghai Nation” on the street of Manhattan, New York. Later on that day, he published the photos of he holding the sign on his twitter account, and announced that he is going to formally declare the establishment of SNP on the New Year of 2018.  On January 1st, 2018, as scheduled, Mr. He AnQuan published his speech titled as “The Debarkation of Shanghai Independence”. By this time, eleven people, including Changming Zhao, Huilai Zhang, Gang Li, etc., have already taken their oaths and became the founding members of SNP. Mr. He Anquan decided to declare the formal establishment of SNP as soon as there were fifty party members taking their oaths. On May, 24, 2018, when the number of party members approached 40, Mr. He Anquan, the cartoonist “Rebel Pepper” (Mr. Wang) and Mr. Shao Ma composed the Preparation Committee of Shanghai National Party. On the meeting held on June 10, 2018, the Preparation Committee decided to formally register SNP as a political party in the beginning of July 2018. On July 5, 2018, the Preparation Committee submitted their formal registration application to the state government of the New York state. Between July 10th and July 18th, nine more people were approved as party members, so the number of SNP party members hit the target 50, meeting the prerequisite of the declaration of establishment of SNP. The New York state government also approved the registration application of SNP on July 18, 2018. Based on the approval and the number of party members, the Preparation Committee decided to announce the formal establishment of SNP on their official twitter account (@ShanghaiNationP).



Shanghai National Party 2021 New Year Celebratory Remarks


English translator:Hon Yan

As the year 2020 comes to its liminal end, we hereby express our warmest regards to the entire cohort of SNP members as well as to comrades elsewhere who have been supporting Shanghai Independence movements. We wish you a Happy 2021 New Year; we bid you health, success, and a happy family reunion. In the meantime, on behalf of the Shanghai National Party, we extend our wishes to the dear people of Shanghai; we wish them all well, healthy, peaceful, and auspicious.

The past year of 2020 witnessed us faring through a great deal of events. This is a year that has engraved itself into our memory for the rest of our lives. We remember on 23rd of January, 2020, the Chinese city of Wuhan, home to 11 million residents, was to confront a total lockdown for a viral pandemic that was out of control, seeing which, countries across the world were timidly hesitating, not foreseeing the ill fortune yet to come. And by the end of 2020, in the United States alone, the death toll taken by the Wuhan Pneumonia (aka. SARS-CoV-2019) pandemic [武漢肺炎]is shockingly approximating the US death toll in World War II; while the death toll worldwide has just reached 1.76 million. This is undoubtedly the Great Catastrophe of the 21st century. Yet it has not come to an end. How will 2021 fare through it? When is it going to end? No one knows. What we only know is that the Chinese (PRC) government is liable for and has played a disgraceful role in this catastrophe that wreaked havoc to our world.

In the year 2020, we couldn’t turn our eyes away from Hong Kong, the harbour of freedom, which was sacked the second time, with the mocking “One Country, Two Systems” ending as a hideous farce; this left a number of pro-HK-independence individuals and other HK citizens now prosecutable and/or effectively in jail, while a number of these people — like their counterparts, dissidents from mainland China — have embarked on a life of exile in Europe and America. Let us look back and contemplate: since 1997 the first imposition of unchecked Chinese power over the land of Hong Kong, who have been deceived by the “One Country Two Systems” hoax that PRC government made for HK? And who have won this scandalous game? And how many times?

In 2020, the US-China Trade War ongoing since mid-2018 has increased its scope now over high-tech, politics, education, among other fields. A media source reported that US Congress has passed ten bills in 2020 that are related to the issue of China, including technology competition, trade and investments, and issues involving Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan. The most turbulent of US-China conflicts was when the US closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston, followed by Chinese reprisal in removing the US Consulate in Chengdu. Now and then, there were people making a prophesy that China has gained much from the Wuhan Pneumonia plague and therefore would become by 2028 the world’s number one economy, surpassing the US. “China wins again.” Folks cannot help but ask, where will China win another time? Until when will it keep winning?

In 2020 the biggest political news in the world was the US presidential election, occurring every four years. The current President, Trump, has lost the favour on the voting day in November, but he and his supporters have not surrendered and rather promised to fight till the end; this has a significant effect to the US society and world political climate hereafter. Speaking of the duel between Trump supporters and Trump opposers within the US, whom will it benefit? Will China again “win twice”? We will see with clear eyes.

The US and China can become fully decoupled from each other; but the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will not. I believe that the US two-party-rotating governance will continue. Indebted to the global single-market, China has grown powerful from weak, with an ever-increasing global impact; and now its wild lupine ambition has become abundantly clear. However, governments of multiple countries in the West continue to indulge themselves in a close economic tie with China, attentively calibrating their plans to join the global trade business and take their shares. Thus no doubt that a large number of overseas Chinese individuals also abandoned themselves to vice, into unofficial ambassadors of the Chinese regime, praising and honouring China’s totalitarian government and suppressive culture, committing themselves to collect intelligence in the West and to help the Chinese government infiltrate.

In the past year of 2020, the Shanghai National Party proceeded with the Shanghai-Independence Flash-mob Touring campaign across 48 states in the US — the largest, most expensive, and most lengthy campaign ever launched since our establishment; by revering Congress buildings across the States, we went on to cherish the sages of the past, and the principles of equality and liberty that they codified during Independence, upon which now stand the United States. This year we also set up the “Prize for Accelerating China’s Collapse,” dramatically reiterating our sarcasm and condemnation on the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and the reverse-moving actions by his government on Chinese society. This year we also conjoined ourselves constantly with protests and campaigns in New York City, expressing our support for Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Hong Kong’ers who have been resisting the Chinese tyranny; we have financially supported pro-HK-independence persons who are now themselves in exile from Hong Kong — with as much capacity as we had — to protect and promote the wider community that together stands against totalitarian rule and against the Grand Unification. [反專制反大一統的共同體]

In the new year, the Shanghai National Party continues to persist our fundamental principle — opposing despotism and Grand Unification; we stay opposed to any form of political view favouring a unity of China, any view that places China at its centre [中國主義]. We deeply believe that 1) there is no individual freedom without the factual independence and autonomy of our nation [民族獨立]; 2) the Grand Unity of China [中國的大一統] is the result of totalitarianism [暴政的結果], and only necessitates more of it to keep itself intact. The Shanghai National Party holds the opinion that the propitious vision of a democratic society of China — a Brave New World conception rendered favourable by some — is a fraud, intentional or not; and the reason is — as evidenced by the two thousand years of Chinese history — a unitary governance seeking total power within its Chinese borders [only for the sake of such unity] is only constructed through coercive violent means, its social system being fundamentally about a centralised regime under the tyranny of one ruler [其社會結構基本上是一人獨裁之下的中央集權制度]. Even late in the modern era, this rule does not vary with the ROC government in mainland China and the ensuing PRC government; it carries on from Sun Yat-sen to Chiang Kai-shek, from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, without one exception.

To acquaint ourselves with the evolving circumstances of our time, in 2021 the Shanghai National Party will implement a series of reforms, will face new responsibilities and tasks, and will be joined by new friends who will be our members and comrades. We call for like-minded friends to join the Shanghai National Party, to present ourselves as a political community [政見共同體] and to inform Western societies, Chinese government, and the people of Shanghai, of our political stance that is against any totalitarian rule and against the Grand Unification [我們反專制反大一統的政治立場].

Founder and CEO of Shanghai National Party [上海民族黨負責人]

He Anquan [何岸泉]

On the 31st day of December, 2020, in New York.











上海民族黨負責人      何岸泉






2,本黨負責人何岸泉按照申請人提供的電話和姓名致電( Telegram 語音免費方式)申請人核實無誤後,申請人即完成入黨手續成為上海民族黨黨員。











四、在社交App Telegram設立自由地區滬民黨黨員交流群。





























中國國慶前夕,上海民族黨英國地區二位黨員 Marsh Yuen和 Joe Cheng在中國駐英國大使館展示『拆遷通知』,祝愿中國駐英國大使館人員早日閉館回家。